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13th September 2011

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Boy Band Epiphany

So I was in the shower (no this is not going where you think it is), and like most people -I hope- I chose a song to belt out in the wonderful echoey goodness for the green tile to hear.

My song of choice: N’Sync’s shoulder thumper, “I Want You Back”.

Post shower, I decided I did not have enough of the song and I must see the video. After my eyes gazed over pubescent Justin Timberlake dancing in a velvet mock neck shirt tucked into billowy pants (for the boy must move), I decided I needed more. 

I peered to the right hand side of the YouTube page, and found another suggestion. Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way" was pleading me to click on it’s glossy video and sent me back into 1999. 

Girls/Boys, do you remember that time when it was battle of the boy bands? Let’s go back to the moment when we fan-people literally fought over which band was the best. We created “groups”, collected memorabilia, voted teen choice, and the VMA’s were considered “Judgement Day”. Who was going home with that silver moon man? Justin? Brian? (GASP) BRITNEY for the steal?!?!

Today, I am 25 years old. And although the boy band craze has long gone, I will never forget my allegiance to the Backstreet Boys. Since I first laid eyes on Brian’s jawline, Nick’s striking blonde hair, Kevin’s steely blue gaze covered by thick (man were they thick) eyebrows, Howie’s innocent demeanor, and lastly A.J.’s badassedness - they had me at “As Long As You Love Me”.

I fought the good fight, when N’sync made their plight onto the charts, but for some reason, I felt that BSB never got the righteous props they deserved.

So today, after viewing countless videos from both very talented groups, I have come to a decision once and for all.

Let it be heard, that YES, granted, N’Sync did have catchier beats and more intricate dance moves, the Backstreet Boys had swag (go google, a picture of both groups in 1999). They had it all guys; even down to the corny 90s clothing. And let’s not forget that ALL of them were good looking. Even A.J. had the better “Bad Boy” image down compared to whatever the heck Kris Kirkpatrick had going on his head. Without the vocal talents of Justin and J.C., N’Sync would have never been heard. How often did Joey have a solo? Not very…But if you listen to every single one of the BSB songs, each of the members get at least one “baby” in there.

Judge me all you want for my boy band epiphany at 25. Heck, DISAGREE with me, I’m totally down to debate (so let’s!). But I’m ending my consensus with this: If I knew then what I know now after watching videos from both bands, my arguments for BSB as best boy group ever cultivated would have perhaps rung in the ears of the blinded N’Syncers and I would have won a fight once and for all. I’m down for the challenge.

The End.

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